VMware: macOS Sierra and Windows 10

Seamless integration of macOS Sierra and Microsoft Windows 10 allows us to respond to our client’s needs. Even though we switched to macOS many years ago we are not expecting the whole world to work on it. Therefore, we are running VMware on our computers so that we can accommodate our clients needs and run … Read more

TextExpander – a real time saver

TextExpander is another tool that I wouldn’t want to miss anymore. It let’s you create shortcuts for text snippets that you are using over and over again. Imagine how many times a day you are typing your email address. Create a shortcut, something like “;jem”, and start saving time every time you have to provide … Read more


One of my most precious tools without a doubt is Evernote. I have it on my desktop and on my mobile devices – it is my notebook for everything. I use it to …. write notes when I’m in call with a client collect text snippets for lead follow up emails share task lists and … Read more