Implementing Salesforce


2 years after starting his new business our client had all his contacts in Outlook locally on his computer. Once in a while he run a backup and his data was accessible only to him.

Then he decided that he needed help because his daily workload reached a level that didn’t leave him any time for his young family and whenever he returned from a business trip catching up on tasks that didn’t get done was overwhelming.

This is when we came on board

We started by defining the criteria a CRM needed to provide to satisfy his business needs.

We evaluated and decided to introduce Salesforce, created custom fields and made it his business needs.

He now has a structured system for his leads, knows exactly whom to follow-up with, when and how and, because he meanwhile has team of people, who is in charge.

Everyone has access and can see what is going on, all the data is safe and does not depend on the reliability of one person’s computer.

We have defined the best lead sources and have a process in place to reach out to them. Once they are qualified new leads they can be entered into Salesforce by scanning the business cards. They are quickly categorized and will appear at the correct time for the follow-up.

He has also delegated the whole invoicing and billing to us so that he does not have to plan his business commitments around the billing cycle.

These changes have considerably freed his schedule up so that he can do the actual sales calls and get new clients on board and still has time to have dinner with his family and even go on vacation from time to time.


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