Perfect job

  • My specialty is to pick up the “loose ends” and make sure they get taken care of
  • My talents include organizing meetings and events, as well as communicating with people
  • I am an excellent Executive Assistant, and
  • I really enjoyed what I was doing as Executive Assistant the last 4 years for Zurich Financial Services

These skills and talents are the perfect prerequisites for starting my own business as…

Virtual Assistant

  • I am the extra pair of hands just when you need it
  • I free up your time to concentrate on your business
  • I am equipped with a solid set of skills and cutting-edge hardware and software
  • I have more than 20 years of experience in business
  • I am trustworthy, dedicated and have a very professional attitude
  • I alleviate you of all of the added expenses associated with a temporary or full-time employee
  • I charge you by the hour/project/task
  • I have a strong partner (my husband) who allows me to extend my services to include Web/Internet and Finance/Bookkeeping

As a Virtual Assistant I am an affordable and professional alternative to hiring an employee!

Think about what I could do for you!

Kind regards – Jackie Jaeger