Business events (Part 3)

This is the third and last part of this specific blog series. Please click here to read How to organize a successful business event (Part 1) and How to organize a successful business event (Part 2).

The date of the event is approaching:

  • Have enough print material for all the participants ready
  • Double check if all the names on the name tags are spelled correctly
  • Get to the Hotel before any guests or other suppliers arrive
  • Go through the agenda once again with the Hotel staff to ensure the right timing for the break-out rooms, coffee breaks and meals, etc.
  • Prepare a “Welcome Desk” where you can hand out the name tags and greet your guests/participants and direct them to your conference room
  • Have “Conference Office” in place for your guests, someone who can help them with print outs, copies, booking changes, mobile phone chargers, security pins, etc.
  • Have a designated contact person for the Hotel staff to deliver messages and to communicate changes in the agenda (delays, etc)

Other Points to consider when organizing a business event

  • Leave enough time for participants to network
  • Provide an energizing lively atmosphere
  • Try to involve the audience as much as possible to keep them focused on the topic
  • Keep the evening program short – some attendees have traveled a long way and might be tired, others might need some time for themselves or to network
  • Think about whether you really want to dictate seating arrangements or if you want to leave it up to the participants to mingle and network
  • And, last but not least, don’t forget to make them laugh from time to time, humor is a great way to keep the spirits up!

I have organized many events and seminars to the utter satisfaction of organizer and participants and I am here to turn yours into a great success as well!

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Kind regards – Jackie Jaeger